Professional newborn photographers are trained in newborn portraiture; with your baby's safety and comfort in mind.

Every newborn session is unique and special. Newborns cannot be "pushed" or forced into positions where they are not comfortable. 

Newborn Safety

Many newborn portraits you see today are not safe for those not properly trained in newborn portrait safety. For example, many images you see are actually created as something called a composite image.

A composite is created by taking 2 or more images and expertly merging them together in photoshop to create a final work of art…

This allows baby to remain fully supported and safely posed, while creating a unique image eye catching portrait.

The two images below were used to create the portrait on the left.

Baby was safely sleeping and an image shot from above.

Never attempt to balance baby upright or on a small ledge!

You spend weeks researching the safest car seat… months planning how to baby proof your home…

Choosing your newborn photographer should be no different!

It is important to choose a professional photographer that specializes in newborn portraiture.

The photographer’s experience, education, and talent; that is trained in newborn safety (not to mention being a legal and insured business) is important, especially when you’re entrusting them with your precious newborn baby. ♥