Lavender family photography sessions are the perfect way to celebrate summer.

These gorgeous flowers bloom in July each year and create a stunning backdrop… perfect for family, maternity, and children’s portraits!  

Not sure what to wear at your lavender session?

Here are some tips to help you choose your family’s outfits… 

Choose your colors.

Start with 2 or 3 colors to focus on. Depending on how many people will be in the photos, either have everyone wear solid colors, or balance out the number of people wearing prints with the number of people wearing solids. That way, you’ll end up with outfits that look coordinated instead of outfits that clash.

This doesn’t mean that you should all wear the same thing, but that everyone’s outfits complement each other and create a beautiful, cohesive look.

In a lavender field soft, muted pastels and neutrals look beautiful against the dreamy lavender backdrop. Consider creams, soft greys, and light blues.

Pops of color are always beautiful too, and a soft yellow contrasts beautifully against the purple lavender. As always, try to avoid neon colors, big slogans, etc.

Soft colors work best

Bold colors may be overpowering

Colours to avoid in your lavender family photo shoot

A pop of bold color is great but too many bright colours, or very intense colours can be overpowering. 

Avoid bright neon colors and black clothing. These colors add a lot of contrast to your photographs, and can be quite overpowering.

Stick to a softer colour palette with an optional pop of (non-neon) colour.

Textures & Movement

Clothes that allow for movement are a definite must in the lavender fields! Think skirts or dresses blowing in the breeze, or shawls or scarves catching the wind. Textures can add beautiful detail as well. Knit blankets or linen clothes can draw the eye to different parts of your photographs and create wonderful depth. Again, having different family members in different types of textures adds dimension and interest to your photos.


Dress the kids appropriately for the weather & make sure they’re comfortable... It’s hard to be happy and smile when your hot, your clothes are itchy or your wearing new shoes that haven’t been broken in yet. (especially for kids)


July is hot but if you’re concerned about an evening chill, I always suggest layers. (It is easier to remove a layer when to warm than try to be comfy in a long sleeve when hot.) Not only do they look great, but they can easily be added or removed as needed to keep little ones happy and comfy. 

I know this is a lot of information, but if you remember nothing else... focus on this...

Aim for soft, muted pastels and neutral colors on clothing with movement