Some families choose not to have cake at their cake smash sessions… and I LOVE it! ♥

Sometimes it’s just a matter of preference, or their may be dietary restrictions… or maybe they just want to be unique...

the reason is not important, what IS important is YOU HAVE OPTIONS! 

Spaghetti Smash

Even everyday foods can make a great smash session! Little ones naturally love to explore with messy play, so why not capture that curiosity!

Fruit Smash

Fruit is perfect for cake-less birthday sessions! It's colorful, sweet, fun and little one's LOVE it!

Faux Cake Smash

If you have your heart set on the look of a cake smash session but don't want the mess (or little one can't have cake) I got you covered!

We can use my faux fake cake!

We can "smash" anything:

doughnuts, pizza, fruit, pancakes, spaghetti... you name it!

Have an idea for your little love's birthday session?

Contact me and let's chat!