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Tips for getting the best images at your session

If you are looking for those frosting covered faces and big smiles. Your child needs time to prepare for the big day!

Let them experience messy food play. Put your child on the floor with a cheap sponge cake and whipped icing and see how they respond. Let them feel the cake and encourage them to hold it and feel it between their fingers. If they don’t like it the first time, try again another day.

Helpful things to bring with you...

A spare change of clothes for yourself

(just in case you need to pick your little one up while covered in cake!)


Small snack in case your little one isn’t into the cake.

(for example cheerios or baby puffs)


A drink for your little one to wash down the cake.

What to Expect at your cake smash session

Cake Smash sessions are not restricted to a time schedule. Some babies need time to relax and get comfortable in front of the camera and that’s fine… our session will run on baby’s schedule but on average, most sessions average around 30 - 45 minutes.


I will spend a few minutes helping your child to settle in and relax. We’ll start by taking pictures of your little one in their cake smash outfit with mom or dad sitting beside them… capturing the personality of your little love and allowing them to relax in a new environment.

Then mom or dad can slowly move off the set and we will introduce the cake! 

Once we bring in the cake, we let your baby set the pace. Some littles ones dig right in, while others need a little bit of encouragement and sometimes even help to get into their cake. Be ready to get your hands dirty and help your little one get past all that frosting to the cake underneath! 

Please do not expect that your child will eat the cake.

Most cake smash sessions are based around a messy food play experience. I will capture little feet and hands in the cake. Parents can help with pulling the cake apart during the shoot. Most young children prefer to suck on their fingers or bang on the cake like a drum. All children are different.

To wrap it all up, we will end with a quick bath. This allows your little one to get cleaned up a bit before going home and we get to capture a few adorable tub time portraits. You get to go home with a clean happy baby and leave the mess with me! ♥

Can I bring people to watch? 

I recommend that only mom and/or dad attend the session and I recommend leaving siblings at home too.

We want to limit the number of people you bring to your session to avoid distracting or overwhelming the baby.

We want lots of eye contact with the camera rather than baby looking at siblings, parents, grandparents, and others. :)

I know how important these portraits are to you and your family.

As parents, we always want to help and tell our kids to smile and look at the camera but it’s important to remember that if you are interacting with baby, baby will be looking at you and not making eye contact with me and my camera. 

This cannot be edited and will show in your portraits. Sometimes little ones are shy and only smile for familiar faces but it is important that we try to allow the interactions to be between me and your little one to achieve a connection, it will show in your portraits. ♥