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Newborn Session Guide

with tips for a successful Newborn Session

Every newborn session is unique and special. Newborns cannot be "pushed" or forced into positions where they are not comfortable. I will do my best to fulfill your wishes with your baby's safety and comfort in mind first.

Session times can vary, on average I ask that parents plan for between 1-4 hours. Some newborns sleep through an entire session and we finish quickly, while some wake up every single time the camera shutter clicks. I listen closely to your baby’s cues. I let them tell me what poses they feel comfortable with, so they feel safe and comfortable as their comfort and safety is my main priority!

See below for the newborn session guide with tips to prepare for a successful newborn session. I can say that those who follow these recommendations generally have much smoother and shorter sessions! Also, my studio tends to be a bit warm, please plan accordingly. ;)

I'm so grateful that you chose me to photograph this most important time in your lives. I cannot wait to meet you all and your new baby. ♥

Thank you so much! I can't wait for our session! XOXO, Krys

Thank you for allowing me the amazing and rewarding honor of photographing your new baby in his/her first few days of life!

I am truly honored to be able to capture this incredible time in your lives and look forward to getting to know you and your sweet baby!

I have created this newborn session guide to help you prepare for your newborn session but please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

If siblings are included in the newborn session, we are going to take those images in the beginning. Please make arrangements for someone to pick up the siblings since the newborn session can last a few hours, and it is important to have a quiet serene environment for the best newborn session.

I want this to be a wonderful and relaxing experience for both you and your precious little one. Anything I can do to help, please let me know!

If nursing, try to avoid eating anything spicy (i.e. pizza, hot sauce, etc.) or anything that will cause gas and might upset baby’s tummy for 24 hours prior to your session.

A gassy baby will not pose well during the session due to their little tummy being upset. *Some other foods that may cause gas are dairy products, caffeine, soy, fish, peanuts, chocolate, wheat, beef, nuts, eggs, corn, or citrus fruits

Interact with and keep baby awake for a few hours before your session so they’re good and sleepy at the session. This is very important.

Otherwise, we spend too much time getting them to sleep, cutting into our session time. *Try stimulating baby with a bath or by doing ‘naked time’ prior to the session.

Dress baby in loose fitting clothes to avoid lines on skin and avoid disturbing them when getting undressed. A simple sleeper is best. Please avoid onesies or anything that must be pulled off over baby’s head.

Please make sure your little one has a full belly for the session.

*Please feed baby a full feeding just before you leave for the studio.

(I have many clients who arrive at the studio saying that they gave baby a small feeding about 45 minutes ago and need to feed baby upon arrival. Baby usually wakes up during this feeding at the studio and has trouble falling back into a deep, restful sleep.)

If baby is bottle feeding, please bring extra bottles and milk (babies work up quite the appetite being constantly moved around in the studio). Also, baby should be fed as much as possible in the hours prior the session. This will allow for baby to sleep as deeply and long as possible.

*A full baby = a sleepy baby, and we need a very sleepy baby in order to safely achieve the sweet, flexible poses you see in my portfolio. The only way we will achieve calm, flexible poses is if baby is fully satiated and sleeping. It’s better to give baby an extra feeding than have you worry that baby isn’t sleeping and we’re missing out on some cute poses.

When you arrive, please leave baby in the car seat when bringing him/her into the studio. I will remove baby very slowly in the warm studio to avoid disturbing them as much as possible. 

Please remove all band aids from baby’s skin at least one hour before session. These band aids cannot be removed in post processing and if left on, will show up in the final images.

Don’t forget to bring a pacifier – they can be very helpful during the session. ;)

Please remember to wipe away any “sleep” from eyelashes and boogies from the nose prior to your session, as this cannot be edited/removed from your portraits.

During the session, please make yourself at home... sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee. I won’t need much assistance, so take advantage of this time to rest in my sitting area.

Parents will often watch a movie, answer emails, or read while I work with your new little one. I’ve even had some parents take a nap!

Parent & Sibling Portraits

White (backlit) or dark grey are the studio's typical backgrounds for the family portrait part of your session (if applicable).

If you have a preference, please let me know before your session date.

Parent Portraits

I encourage parent portraits with the new baby, and these are usually done at the beginning of the session. A solid neutral colored shirt is suggested.

A note to Mom:

I know that you may not feel like yourself right after giving birth, but I strongly encourage you to have a portrait taken with your new baby while they are still so young and fresh. He/She will grow up and will want to know what his mother looked like holding him close to her heart as a newborn. I will shoot you in flattering angles, so don’t worry! Worst case scenario is that you don’t like the image and never look at it again, but at least your child will have this moment.

Sibling Portraits

Including siblings in your newborn’s portrait is the perfect way to document this fleeting time in your lives.


Clean, clean, clean - clean nails, clean hair, clean feet, fresh scrub teeth, and wipe away eye boogers and snotty noses. If your child is still of napping age, make sure they nap before the shoot.

It is perfectly okay to bring bribes to a photo-shoot–some cereal, snacks or candies that won’t stain their teeth. Avoid colorful drinks or lollipops within 24 hours of your shoot.

What should we wear?

Cream, ivory or white - solid neutral colors (without patterns or logos) are recommended (tops with jeans or simple dress). The more texture the better (knit, lace, etc). I also have some dress options in my client wardrobe for children, if requested.

Children are photographed with baby barefoot, so no need to look for clean shoes.

*Due to the nature of the session, we ask that your spouse/partner take siblings home or out for something fun to do while we finish up with the individual newborn shots. You can plan for this to be done so approximately 30 minutes after the start of your session.


I spend a lot of time getting every little finger and toe positioned perfectly when photographing your little bundle. First and foremost, it is important to me for your baby look comfortable and peaceful in the photographs and for each image to be a piece of art.

I have a lot of experience and patience with newborns. I’m trained in Newborn Safety, making sure to stay up to date with current safety guidelines and techniques. I have 5 children of my own and have photographed many newborns.

My motto is safety first. I will never put your newborn in an unsafe or uncomfortable pose/prop.

Studio Location

My studio is located at 1662 Route 300, suite 99 in Newburgh.

Near Maisie’s Deli & Kavanagh’s Jewelers. The building is a long brown building. My studio is a glass door on the right side of the building. 

ALL newborn sessions are set up BEFORE the shoot. Same day changes are not an option.

If there is a color, prop or set up that want to include, please be sure to tell me PRIOR to the session date.

Make sure you include whether or not you have something you'd like to, possibly, include in the session.

Law enforcement & military families are welcomed (and encouraged) to arrive with uniform/badge/tags for special keepsake portraits with their new baby!

Law enforcement & military families are welcomed (and encouraged) to arrive with uniform/badge/tags for special keepsake portraits with their new baby!

Wall Art

My brand focuses on high-quality imagery and creating lasting memories with a fine art product and quality experience from start to finish.

Take some time to think about your home and where you may want to hang your portraits. This will help during session planning to create amazing portraits to match your home décor.